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January 3, 2011

Well, as I reported in the last post, we finally got some snow.  But over the past week, it mostly melted.  Now I’m waiting to see whether there will be enough  snow at the end of the week to allow me to get out with my sled again.  Of course lots of folks are happy to see the snow melting away and the warm (50’s and 60’s) temperatures.  But this is not what winter is supposed to be like in this part of the world.  The local flora and fauna depend on cold winters with snow cover.  And the harsh temperatures are essential to keep certain invasive species at bay.  So, as much as I sympathize with those people who find getting around in wintery conditions to be challenging, and as much as my back objects to the shoveling, I say, “Let it snow to insulate the shrubs and guarantee adequate water in the spring. And get cold enough to freeze the bejeezus out of those little bark eating beetles and their invasive brethren!” The good news is that the temps are back down in the 20’s at night, and 30’s in the day time.  I spend a lot of time visiting my favorite website Weather Underground. It’s about the only site I actually pay to view.  It doesn’t cost much and I don’t like the ads.  I am pretty sure my grandfather would have loved this site.  That is assuming he would have had anything to do with a computer.  I don’t know whether he would have.  He told me that the only worthwhile thing invented after WWII was the plastic squeeze ketchup bottle.

In the meantime, I have been trying to make some snow shoes.  Today’s effort was a failure.  I am steam bending some ash, and it did not go well today.  So I will try again tomorrow, and try to get some pictures together.

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  1. Stuart Snyder permalink
    January 3, 2011 10:57 pm

    Congratulations on the website, and the furniture, etc… looks great. I’ll check back soon. And I agree – let it snow.

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