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Not quite what I had planned

January 8, 2011

After a restless night, I woke around 7:00 and prepared to head down to the farm.  I was planning on stopping in Quincy to buy some coal with the aim of testing out my little portable forge.  I had written down directions to the coal vendor and from there through Quincy and on to rte 3A (the famously serpentine route across Eastern Massachusetts) down to Cohasset.  Bessie loves going to the farm and, while I was trying to load up she was clamoring to get going.  This is not uncommon, and neither is it uncommon that in the clamor I forget something.  That happened again this morning.  This time I forgot my camera.  However, as it turned out, that would not matter in the least.

I followed the directions to Quincy and got off on the Washington St. exit.  Quincy, like so many New England towns, manifests its flinty Yankee frugality by wasting no money on such frills as street signs.  Many towns save street sign money by only posting them on cross streets, under the assumption that one must, of course know which street one is on.  However, in this part of Quincy they seem to be so thrifty as to not even spend their pennies on the cross street signs.  So, while I was somewhat confident that I was on Washington St. I have no idea whether I ever passed Elm St. let alone Adams St. (the street on which the coal company is situated).  Of course, my directions to get back to Rte. 3A were predicated on my getting to the coal company.  Consequently, I was lost in Quincy.  I decided to get back on to 93S and proceed to Cohasset via Hingham.  The wee problem with that change of plan was that one doesn’t get to Hingham on 93S, but Rte 3 (not to be confused with 3A).  About the time I reached the junction of 93 and 95 I realized my mistake and compounded it by taking 95S.  Heading toward Providence, I then saw a sign for Norwood.  I had taken a welding class in Norwood years ago while living on the farm.  “I’ll get off there”, I thought, “and take 228”.  When I got off the highway I asked for directions.  The gas station attendant had no idea how to get to Cohasset,  but sold maps.  After consulting the map, I realized I had never been to NorWOOD in my life.  The welding class had been in NorWELL.  Back on 95N, I figured, “Enough of this, I’ll just go home and call it a wash.”  But after I got onto 93N, I calmed down a bit and driving past Quincy saw the exit for Quincy Center.  “Okay”, I thought, “I try again.  After all, I’ve only been driving an hour.  I can still spend a few hours in the woods.”  Did I mention that it was snow, visibility was not all that great and the roads were slippery?  So, I took the Quincy exit, see a sign for Furnace Brook Parkway, which I KNOW runs into 3A.  I got onto the FBP and drove for a few miles until it emptied out onto 93!  Apparently, I had taken the parkway the wrong way.  At this point Bessie witnessed a very undignified meltdown on my part.  Cars in the vicinity probably heard one as well.  So, one hour and forty-five minutes after I began, I resigned myself to my fate, and drove home, arriving home two hours after I set out.  All week I had been wondering how I would find some free time to make a blog entry.  So, I found some time, but it was not quite what I had planned.

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  1. January 8, 2011 12:02 pm

    No fun to do, but fun to read. Love, Momma

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