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Back in business?

January 25, 2011

In my last post I mentioned that I was having trouble finding rawhide lacing for the snowshoes. Well, I have taken the drastic step of removing the lacing from an old pair of snowshoes with the intention of using it for the new snowshoes. While it does seem somewhat cannibalistic, I have two pairs of old shoes and want to make a new pair. I could not bring myself to use synthetic lacing. However, removing the old lacing is not easy. The rawhide is very stiff, and it has be varnished. I start by soaking it in hot water, then using a couple screwdrivers to pry it apart and unwrap, untie, and untangle the lacing. It is laced in three sections, the toe and tail, and the center. The lacing in the toe and tail is approximately 1/4″ wide and the center section lacing is around 1/2″ wide. I can soak one section at a time, but that is about how much I can undo in one sitting anyway. The toe and tail I have been able to soak in a bucket, but the center section I had to soak in the bath.

I have taken care of one shoe, and have one more to go. Then all I have to do is lace them up. The race is on to see whether I get them done or the snow melts first. Not sure either one is going to happen anytime soon.

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