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What do I do with these pictures?

February 22, 2014

There is a fundamental conflict within this blogging business, at least for me. That is, that time spent on the computer is time not spent DOING. Sometimes, of course, there is not that much else to do, but that is pretty rare. And we all know that many times when we get on the computer to do a chore, we end up checking email, a question occurs to us and we’ll just look one thing up, find that one thing leads to a dozen things, forget the chore, surf the web, play Zuma’s Revenge for an hour, and get nothing done. Or just check Facebook, and get nothing done.
One of the chores I have been meaning to do for ages is post various pictures. Sometimes I have pictures that go with a post I never write. Sometimes I have a post that I was planning on adding pictures to after the fact, and never got around to adding the pictures. Sometimes I take pictures that I planned to add to my website somewhere, but never quite figured out where to put them. In any case, one of my biggest computer frustrations (and that’s saying a lot) is the proper disposition of pictures. So easy to take, so hard to manage. I guess it has been ever thus. I know that I still have boxes full of pictures from film that were never placed in proper albums, and thought the digital pictures so much better. And, never satisfied, now have even more digital pictures that I never look at and would like to print them out is some sort of logical, aesthetic manner so they aren’t wasted taking up the miniscule computer space they occupy, yet are never enjoyed. I have printed up a few albums using various online services. But there are so many pictures.
Anyway, what I really sat down to do today, but got distracted – as I so often am when I sit down in front of a computer screen – was to get some pictures off my camera and put them on my website.
Some are of things I made that don’t fit into the usual categories. These are things like the tree ornaments, wooden spheres, et cetera I made for sale at the Holly Day Fair last December.
The other is items I have given as gifts mostly to family, some wood, some metal, some ceramic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The following little scene of a pair of wood cutters was all hand made and painted by me this past December. It is a very old form of amusement given movement by the sliding back and forth of the two pieces of wood at the base of the piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By placing the cursor over the image and hitting the forward or back icon you can speed up the action and make the motion a little more apparent.

Why am I posting these? Just vanity, which is at the heart of any blog (okay, maybe not any, but certainly mine).

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