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10 Day Forecast

July 2, 2018

School ended one week ago. We had a beautiful spring. An early jag of heat in May or early June got everyone complaining that we’d jumped straight to summer. “Typical New England,” was the oft repeated phrase. But, no. We had a wonderful spring–enough rain, many days that could have passed for autumnal if it weren’t for the crocuses and tulips popping up, or forsythia bursting forth. the nights were cool-to-cold, but no frosts to freeze the blossoms as happened last year. And now school is out, my days are free, and the temps are soaring. We are in the midst of a five- or six-day stretch of 90+ degree weather. Typical New England.

How can i be so sure it is typical? Every July 4 i stay home and watch the folks on TV attending the Boston Pops concert and fireworks down on the Esplanade. And every year, there is Keith Lockhart, the Boston Pops’ conductor, drenched in sweat, while the undaunted audience searches the sky for fireworks and lightening. they always get the former and frequently the latter.

But, believe it or  not, i didn’t not take pencil to paper (yeah, I still write on paper) to complain about the weather. I am writing not to complain about the abysmal weather, but to whine about the weather reporting.

Most people complain about the forecast never being right. I hate how accurate it is. Sure, sometimes they say we will get a foot of snow when we only get an inch or they call for snow and we get rain. But they get the temperature within a couple of degrees and that (those few degrees) makes all the difference. And the current ten-day forecast is as accurate as a two-day forecast was twenty years ago. So, when i see a six-day stretch of 90+ degree weather, i know they may be off by a couple of degrees but my fate is sealed. Of course, improvements in weather forecasting are a boon to farmers, power grid planners, and managers, etc. But, as is so often the case for me, i am out of step with the times. I miss uncertainty because in this case the old uncertainty meant hope. So, I am hoping these days will pass quickly, and that they don’t keep me from getting to enjoy this Typical New England weather.

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