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malcolm whiteMy name is Malcolm White.  My father, Donald, and my uncles, Frank and Peter, grew up here at Holly Hill in the house my grandparents, Richardson and Cornelia White, built up on the hill back in 1932.  My family’s been here over 150 years, and for as long as I can remember I have loved these woods.  Also, for as long as I can remember, I have found satisfaction in being able to say, “I built that myself.”  These days, what I have been building is furniture using raw materials found on the Holly Hill farm property.

Maple and ash saplings, cedar stumps and branches, birch bark, and willow rods are just a few of the types of wood I use.  In addition to these materials, I often use discarded furniture (table parts, or counter tops) that I find on the side of the road while driving around town.

I construct most of my furniture one piece at a time in the small basement shop in my house in Watertown.  I am planning on building some furniture in the ox barn come summer time.  My day job is wood shop teacher in a middle school for special needs students in Arlington.  I try to share my love of creation with my students and try to impart a respect for the wood and the craft.

When they first see a piece of rustic furniture, many people will say, “Does that come from a tree?”  Of course it does, but I know why they ask.  These days, people can be so removed from the sources of the things they buy.  Just as young people may be surprised to learn that milk comes from a cow or eggs from a chicken, some folks may lose track of the fact that wood comes from a tree.  That is unlikely to happen with rustic furniture, and that is one more thing I like about it.

So, I hope you enjoy what you see here.

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